Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Steps in the Green Direction...

Regional Priority credits are a step in the right direction in LEED v3. In an attempt to make certain LEED credits more applicable for specific regions, the USGBC has created 'Regional Priority' credits. These are not new credits, they are basically bonus points for achieving pre-existing credits that have been deemed important in your region by the local USGBC Chapter, varying by zip code.

Each local chapter was limited to selecting 6 of the pre-existing credits to award additional credit for. However, even if a building satisfies the requirment for all 6, you are limited to receiving only 4 points.
The credits that the Greater Houston Area Chapter has selected are...

Monday, November 9, 2009

Historic Preservation

A 'Road Map' to Historic Preservation

by: Crystal Y. Granger, Associate

Revitalizing the Spirit of a Community through the preservation of the built environment benifits the City at large economically, socially, and visually. Why is it such a hard-sell?

The City of San Antonio has profited greatly from their preservation efforts with the restoration of the Alamo and numerous historic homes, hotels, businesses, and landscape features.

Both the City of Houston and Harris County are a melting pot of cultures and the fruit of their occupation. Stewardship of all resources must maintain a measurable level of accountability to ensure the integrity of our development. A pattern of economic gems and rich cultural development has been woven into the fabric of Houston's history providing a vignette of achievements that makes our City an international icon.

In an effort to start an ongoing dicussion on preservation efforts in Houston/Harris County, I echo previous inquiries from community meetings on the subject:

  • What is required for Houston to be a considered a city that values its history?
  • How can this be achieved?
  • What are the specific issues that are hindering our historic preservation efforts?
  • What should be included in the characteristics, strategic scope, and the execution of a 'Historic Road Map' in our city?